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Friday, September 11, 2009


"We are all co-existent with God, members of the Divine body.
We are all partakers of the Divine nature." William Blake
(quoted by Crabb Robinson in his diary)

Crabb Robinson Diary

I see a dimension of Christianity beyond following Jesus'
teaching on the Great Commandment, and the Last Judgment.
This is the dimension arising from the Resurrection and the
Incarnation. The message of Jesus could not be completed in
his physical lifetime, because it was to be a demonstration
of a new relationship between God and man. Jesus' promise
that his Spirit would live on and be available to his
disciples, was fulfilled in the empty grave, the post
crucifixion appearances, and at Pentecost (and ever since.)
We are the recipients of the promised Holy Spirit. Jesus
by becoming Incarnate (Spirit in Body) demonstrates that we
too are incarnated Spirits, bodies which are vehicles for
the indwelling Holy Spirit. "Members of the Divine body"
as brother William says.

The Angel of the Divine Presence

We Quakers are fond of saying there is "that of God in
everyone", which unites us as One Being.

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