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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


To The Revd Dr Trusler

Hercules Build* Lambeth Aug* 16. 1799
Revd Sir
I attempted every morning for a fortnight together to follow
your Dictate. but when I found my attempts were in vain. resolvd
to shew an independence which I know will please an Author better
than slavishly following the track of another however admirable
that track may be At any rate my Excuse must be: I could not do
otherwise, it was out of my power!
I know I begged of you to give me your Ideas & promised to
build on them here I counted without my host I now find my
The Design I have Sent. Is
A Father taking leave of his Wife & Child. Is watchd by Two
Fiends incarnate. with intention that when his back is turned
they will murder the mother & her infant--If this is not
Malevolence with a vengeance I have never seen it on Earth. & if
you approve of this I have no doubt of giving you Benevolence
with Equal Vigor. as also Pride & Humility. but cannot previ-
ously describe in words what I mean to Design for fear I should
Evaporate [some of m] the Spirit of my Invention. But I
hope that none of my Designs will be destitute of Infinite
Particulars which will present themselves to the Contemplator.
And tho I call them Mine I know that they are not Mine being of
the same opinion with Milton when he says That the Muse visits
his Slumbers & awakes & governs his Song when Morn purples The
East. & being also in the predicament of that prophet who says I
cannot go beyond the command of the Lord to speak good or bad
Your very humble servt

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