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Saturday, October 17, 2009


People read Blake from many different
perspectives or points of view. We can call
these templates.  Let's name a few:
1. auto-biographical: you can easily see
facets of Blake's life experiences in the
words of poetry he wrote.  People familiar
with Blake's life can see a lot of
correspondence between the poems and
his history.  Here's a good introduction;
you can also get a good one from

2.  Pictorial: if you're visually oriented
like my wife, you may be primarily
interested in Blake's artistic dimension.
Many websites offer onlight exhibits of
some of the thousands of pictures that
Blake drew, painted, etched, or
whatever.  This website gives a long
directory of places where you may
enjoy Blake's visual creations.

3. Political

4. Literary

5. Religious

6. Psychological

Tell me your primary interest, and that will get some special attention here.

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